Subfamily APATURINAE contains nineteen genera. The genus combine with the specific name accuratly defined any species.

The Purple Emperor or the Japanese Emperor are typical members of APATURINAE. Some of this species have blue structure coloure on there wings.  This optical phenominon based on  refraction and  interference.

                   Genus: Apatura

                   Genus: Apaturina

                   Genus: Apaturopsis

                   Genus: Asterocampa

                   Genus: Chitoria

                   Genus: Dilipa
                   Genus: Doxocopa

                   Genus: Euapatura

                   Genus: Eulaceura

                   Genus: Euripus

                   Genus: Helcyra

                   Genus: Herona

                   Genus: Hestina

                   Genus: Mimathyma

                   Genus: Rohana

                   Genus: Sasakia

                   Genus: Sephisa

                   Genus: Thaleropsis

                   Genus: Timelaea


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Apatura iris
Inachis io
Nymphalis antiopa
Apatura iris
Vanessa atalanta
Papilio machaon
Pierides sp.
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