Callicore hydaspes

Callicore hydaspes is a beautiful butterfly from Neotropic ecozone (South America). The first description was in 1782 by Drury. The wingspan is about 3.0 – 3.5 cm. This butterfly is a member of the family NYMPHALIDAE. Callicore hydaspes is black. It has a red band on its forewings. On the hind wings there is an area with blue structure colour.

Photos for easy identification

Photo © by Thomas Neubauer
Photo © by Thomas Neubauer
Photo © by Thomas Neubauer
Photo © by Thomas Neubauer

Here you can see some photos of Callicore hydaspes. Callicore hydaspes is a member of the family NYMPHALIDAE from Neotropic (South America).


The forewings are black. The wing is dominated by a narrow red band.
The underside of Callicore hydaspes is dark-brown. The wing is dominated by a narrow red band. In the wing tip there is a yellow stripe. 

The hind wings of Callicore hydaspes are black. The outer edge is a little bit wavy. Next to the body shines an area by blue structure colour.
The underside is dark-brown. In the middle of the wing are four whitish or yellow spots. These spots are surrounded by a not closed, yellow ring. Near the body and at the outside edge there is a yellow strip. In the rear part of the wing there are  three tiny white spots.

The body is black, but the underside has some yellow stripes. 

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Callicore hydaspes is a butterfly from the Neotropic (South America). It is an endemic butterfly from Brazil.

This world map shows the ecozones in which this butterfly is distributed.

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General information

The first description of this butterfly was in 1782 by Drury. There are no subspecies.

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Similar and closely-related species

Callicore hystaspes Fabricius 1781

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Callicore hydaspes Drury 1782

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NEOTROPIC (South America)


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