The tribe TROIDINI contains 6 genera and two subtribes. The subtribes contains also genera.

Subtribe: BATTINA

Subtribe: TROIDINA


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The following species are members of genus CRESSIDA and they are represented on this homepage.

The first description of  the genus CRESSIDA was in 1832 by Swainson. This genus contains currently only one species. CRESSIDA is a very small group of PAPILIONIDAE.

CRESSIDA butterflies are represented in Australia and on Papua Newguinea.

These species are in all development stages uneatable, because the larvae live on toxic plants and accumulate the poison in body.


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Apatura iris
Inachis io
Nymphalis antiopa
Apatura iris
Vanessa atalanta
Papilio machaon
Pierides sp.
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